Emergency Contact Number: 443-917-1642

This contact number is only for authorized agencies to request assistance. If you have an emergency, call 911!

Maryland Search and Rescue (MSAR) is a professional, all-volunteer, non-profit, wilderness search and rescue team based out of Howard County, Maryland. We are also an authorized Maryland Wilderness EMS agency, a Maryland Search Teams Task Force vetted search and rescue team, and a member group of the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference.

We provide a variety of all-weather search and rescue services for missing persons and downed aircraft incidents throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. We are requested to assist in emergencies through local, state, and federal authorities.

MSAR is 100% volunteer, non-profit, and we will never charge for our search and rescue services.

Our Mission

To search for the missing, treat the injured, rescue those in peril, and provide training and education, in support of — and in collaboration with — public safety agencies and other outdoor interest groups in the Mid-Atlantic wilderness.

Requesting Our Resources

MSAR offers a wide array of trained, professional search & rescue services to any authorized agency that requests our assistance. To request our assistance, please call the number above and leave a message. For more info on how we can assist in locating a missing person, see our Request page.

Supporting the Team

MSAR is always in need of support and funding to acquire and maintain group equipment such as radios, medical supplies, and technical rescue equipment. We operate on a relatively small budget and every contribution goes a long way! For more on how to support the essential mission of our team, see our Support page.

Joining the Team

MSAR is an all-volunteer team and invites anyone interested in search & rescue to join, regardless of experience or background. We train our team to respond to missing person searches in a safe and effective manner. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to serve their community and help those in need while building your own outdoor skills. For more on how to become a part of our team, see our Join page.