Request Our Resources

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If you are an authorized agent (such as law enforcement), call us at 443-917-1642 to request our resources. Please leave a message, and one of our Alert Officers will get back to you promptly.

Maryland Search & Rescue is a professional volunteer wilderness search and rescue team. We can offer the following trained and experienced resources to authorized agencies:

  • Ground searchers
  • Wilderness rescue and evacuation specialists
  • Search planning and management
  • K9 flankers
  • Trackers and signcutters

If you are not an authorized agent and a loved one is missing, Call 911 immediately! Your authorized law enforcement agency can make a determination on whether or not they need our resources. We can only respond to direct requests from authorized agencies. If you believe we can assist in finding someone, please encourage the agency leading the investigation to contact us.

We will gladly respond anywhere in the state of Maryland, as well as Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We'll respond anywhere else too, it just might take us longer to get there!